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Entry #1

'Ello, welcome to my page.

2007-09-30 01:54:32 by PizzaShades

First off, I'm not a n00b, 'cuz this is my ShadesGang ALT. I use it for SG flashes. My main is "DudeGoofyGuy".

Second, the Shades Gang is the latest, greatest group on NG! =) GO US!


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2007-10-02 12:35:13

Fuck SG. You're in tta now, bitch.


2007-10-20 16:07:43

no. hes not. well, he might be in the TTA, but he is a real PizzaShades! so fuck you Billy Bean


2008-02-25 21:43:35

hey, get on